Friday, April 20, 2007

Settling in

This is now my third day in Owen Sound, and I'm actually quite enjoying it! I love the new store I'm at. Business is a lot slower here than in Barrie, but it's a better way to learn, because I can spend more time focusing on our products and how to do certain things. So far I've had to call the Barrie branch every day to ask questions. :P My manager, Joey, is pretty great. He's still learning too, so we've got a lot of work ahead of us.
Owen Sound is a cute little city...only 21,000 people, so it shouldn't take me too long to explore it. :P The house I'm staying at is pretty much right downtown so I can do a fair bit of walking around and exploring. Armintha Belbeck is the name of the lady I'm staying with, and she is very sweet. She lives on her own, so it's only the two of us in the house. I found out that she plays piano quite proficiently, I've yet to hear her play, though. Hopefully soon!
I'm heading home to Barrie this's going to be a semi-busy weekend. Mel has planned a dress shopping excursion on Saturday for wedding dresses, so that should be fun. On Saturday night I'm going to the T&T (Twenties and Thirties) group from Nathan and Chantals church.
I should get back to work now.
God is good! He is in control and knows what is best and does a much better job controlling my life than I do...Praise Him for that!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

When life throws a curve ball...

...swing for all you're worth and hope for a homerun! Well, I don't know if that's always the case, but it seemed like a good idea in this instance. My manager called me on Thursday morning before I started work and said he just wanted to give me a heads up because our district manager was going to offer me a full time position in Owen Sound. I was surprised...I still have so much to learn, but apparently he thought I could do it. After talking to him about the position, he told me to call him back the next day. To say the least, Thursday evening was busy trying to figure out it the move would be worth it. I don't know anyone in Owen Sound, I don't know any churches out there...I'd be completely uprooting from Barrie and moving myself out the the middle of nowhere. :P After looking at the pros and cons and spending time in prayer I figured it was a good idea, and I told my DM that I'd take the job. So now I'm moving to Owen Sound, about two hours west of Barrie. So I have lots to figure out now before I go, and I don't even know when I'm starting out there; it could be as early as the 16th, or maybe not until the beginning of May. I'm really excited about it though! It wasn't anything I was expecting to happen this soon, but I'm glad it is. :) God is good! I'm sure there are some tough times ahead, especially with knowing no one out that way, but I know that God will be there and in reality, He is all I need!