Monday, March 02, 2009

off to Barrie

Things have a way of working themselves out and making you wonder why on earth you made such a big deal of it! My stressful Thursday night turned out to be for no reason at all. Just a lack of clarification on the part of my district manager. I guess he was planning on hiring someone to take my place, but was just hoping to find someone within the company who had some experience who was willing to move up to the area. So all is good, or at least should be within the next few weeks.

I have officially started work in Barrie and am unofficially moved home. Actually I'm not moved home at all except for a suitcase of clothes. Right now I am sleeping on a couch in our sunroom (a room with 7 very large uncovered windows, a door to outside, and two doorways into the house), and trying to be of as little inconvenience as possible until a room is ready for me to move in. It gets very chilly out there at night (as there is no sun to warm it) and very bright and warm throughout the day. While not my prefered method of living, it isn't too bad for a couple of weeks. It looks like I'll be heading back to Owen Sound for the next two weekends to finish packing, and hopefully by then my room will be finished and I can move back home. :)

Bedtime for me now. Just wanted to do a quick little update so as not to leave things hanging from my last post. :) Toodles!