Monday, July 31, 2006

Vacation time

This summer has continued to be very busy. I have this week off of work for a bit of vacation time and I'm excited to say that I get to spend it out east. Rachel Langton is getting married on August 5th so Luke and I drove out to Nova Scotia this past weekend to spend a week here, then we'll head to Fredericton on Friday so we can be there for Rachel's wedding.
I just love it out here. Yesterday Luke, his mom, and I went for hike along Duncan's Cove. The ocean was just absolutely amazing! Last night I was able to participate in a crazy fun time of eel fishing. :P I didn't catch anything, I mostly just took pictures, but it was pretty fun to watch. Unfortunately we caught more catfish than eels, but it was an adventure nonetheless. This week will probably be pretty busy and I hope we can get another trip or two into Frenchy's before the week is over. I'll have to give a better update when I have more time. I can say that I'm not looking forward to going to work after this week of fun. :P

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My mom's birthday was this past week so my brother, sister's and I went together and bought her a rottweiler puppy! He's super cute and a lot of fun, but he loves to chew, so we're going to have to keep an eye on him. His name is Orlando.
This was my mom's reaction when andrew gave her the pup. lol You can get any better than that. :P He was very timid and afraid at first, but he's really making himself at home now. He likes to bark at 5:30 in the morning too. :P I guess it's not too bad cuz I get up shortly after that to get ready for work, but I do lose some sleep because of it. Oh well...he'll get over it...I hope. :)

So a lot has happend over the past month. Luke's sister Rachel came and spent a week here. We had a lot of fun. Luke's birthday was that week, so we took him out for dinner. Before she went home a group of us went to Wonderland for Christian Day. If you want the whole scoop on that weekend, read Dave's blog...he's got some great pics. :)

I'm excited to say that my room has expanded by about 44 square feet. :P I no longer have a little bedroom. I'm happy it's bigger, but now I need to figure out how I want to paint it and organize it. The house is looking so different. It's like trying to find your way through a maze almost. I've taken the wrong turn a few different times. lol

For the Canada Day weekend Nic, Crystal and I went to Belleville to hang out with Luke and Matty. We got to hang out with Karen, Victoria, Nicole and Chantal as well. It was good to hang out with Drew a little bit too. He's now gone to West Virginia, so who knows when I'll get to see him again. I'm glad he's able to get his papers and such to go live in the states and finally get married! Congrats Rebecca and Drew! I'm happy for the two of you!

I would like to say that I learned how to change the oil in my car this weekend and I'm very happy about that. I was a mess by the time I was finished (an '02 Sunfire is not a fun car to try and change the oil filter in :S) but it was pretty fun! Saba came on Saturday night and we went to see Pirates of the Carribbean 2. I really enjoyed it, but I didn't like the fact that it leaves you hanging...I didn't realize there was a number three coming out soon. :P

It's been a good summer so far and it continues to stay busy. I haven't been to the beach yet...I should put that on my list of things to do. :) I'm enjoying work, and I'm getting a pretty decent tan too! It's nice to be out in the sun all day. God bless, I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far.