Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back to Work Again

It seems no matter how good my intentions, I continue to fail at updating this regularly. My original plans to go to NS were postponed, and then all-together cancelled. It was for the best as Luke was able to get a round-trip ticket cheaper than it would have cost to drive. This past week and a half was spent hanging out and visiting friends all around Ontario, and most importantly making the trip to Toronto so Luke could pick up his missionary visa at the Ecuadorian Consulate. The week was very enjoyable, and along with encouraging conversation we had a lot of fun with friends we haven't seen in quite some time. Unfortunately this week of play has come to an end and I'm left, a. wishing I didn't have to work tomorrow, b. saddened by the fact that my friends all live too far away, and c. wondering what I'm going to make of my life in Owen Sound. I've got a lot to think and pray about, especially regarding God's plan for me. I'll update more soon...I promise. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lost in a familiar place

I'm starting to feel alone in life. I have wonderful family and friends, but everyone is so far away. It would be an excellent time for me to put more time and energy into focusing on my relationship with the Lord, but I tend to have an incredible knack for procrastinating. Due to my lack of Bible reading and prayer time, I've recently been feeing more confused, discontented, and frustrated with myself and life in general. I think it's time to change that. Quite often it's easier said than done, but it's time to make an effort to live right and serve the Lord in every aspect of my life; no more pushing Him aside!

Work has been wearing on me quite a lot lately for many reasons, and I'm happy to say I get to take some holiday time next week!! I'm thrilled! I haven't had much of a vacation since the beginning of last summer, so I'm over-due I think. My wonderful plan for that week will be to make a bit of a road-trip out East to steal Luke away from his family and bring him back to Ontario to hang out with all of us cool Ontarians. Unfortunately my poor little car has a few issues, but she should survive the trip. My dear father spend most of last weekend doing some repairs on her, and there are still more to be done!

I was at Rachel Henderson's wedding this past weekend in Peterborough. It was a very ceremony with a small lunch reception afterwards. She looked beautiful and I'm glad they're both so happy! :) Here's a picture of the wedding party:

Sarah Hele and I got to have a lot of fun that weekend. She's such a sweetheart! We rented a hotel room for a couple of nights and really enjoyed hanging out there. They had a pool and a hot tub that we made good use of, and the room we were in was pretty nice! I'd do it again in a heartbeat if it wasn't so expensive! We hung out with Sarah's friend Steve, Andrew, and Dave for a little while on Sunday, and I also got to see Laura jay which was an awesome surprise! She's so much fun and I really miss hanging out with her!
Well that's another quick look into my life right now. Perhaps one day I'll get better at making more frequent blog posts! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's next?

I'm still in Owen Sound, now living in my own apartment, which is terribly disorganized right now...even though I've been here since January! It's been nice having my own place, though I suppose at times it's a little lonely. It wouldn't be so bad if I actually knew people here. I am attempting to find a church to be a part of. So far it hasn't resulted in anything promising. A lady accross the street invited me to her church this Sunday, and the dear old lady who lives below me has invited me to her church at some point too, so I'm hoping something will come of these visits.

Work has been keeping me busy. My manager quit in the middle of February. It's been tough because we hired a new manager and a part-time employee, but I'm the only employee in our store who knows the ropes. Makes things a little stressful at times, but things are now going in a better direction, so once our little team is all trained up we'll be doing really well. The new manager is awesome. I really enjoy working with him, and his enthusiasm is very encouraging!

I'm not really sure what's next though. I enjoy my job for the most part, and the company is great to work for, but I don't want to do this just feels like a step along the way to something else...I just have no idea what that something else is. I'd like to go on a missions trip sometime, but I don't know where to, when, or for how long. With all the changes at work I would like to stick around for a while to get our store back on its feet, but I don't want to feel like I HAVE to stay...or to just settle in thinking that I'll leave someday, but not actually do it. I don't want to miss out on whatever it is I should be doing.

I guess the key to life and being content is following God's will and living for Him. I don't know what He wants me to do. Though, if I spent more time with Him, some things in life might be a little clearer.

I want to ranch...I think that would be fun! At least to try for a while. :P And by ranch I mean that I'd like to live on a ranch with horses and what not....I don't really want to do any cow herding....though maybe it would be fun too...I think I can probably convince Crystal to come with me out west and do some ranching! We can become real cowgirls! Woot! :P

Nic and I are supposed to be going to Jamaica on a cruise with her family next January...still a ways away, though I'm sure it'll be here in no time. I'm quite excited about that! I don't really have any set plans for the summer yet. I'm just glad that spring is finally here and the snow and cold will be gone soon!! And for now that is all I have to say...for the few that read this. :) I should now try and organize this pig sty I live in! God bless...