Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Journey Continues

I'm being pulled along in life's journey, still unsure of where it's taking me. Not that I'll ever really know where I'm being led to, or what will be next in this great adventure. I guess that's what makes life interesting. You follow along, thinking you have a pretty good idea of your life and how things are, and then BOOM, something unexpected comes along and you're flying in a totally new direction trying to figure out how on earth to handle the situation. God is great. Well, more than great, He's Awesome, Magnificent, Wonderful....! I'm so glad that He has the reigns in my life. It's such a huge comfort to know that whatever situations come up, He is in control. It doesn't mean that decisions are easy, but He opens and closes the doors, all I have to do is trust and follow.

Though I say all of that, I'm still struggling to trust and follow. I'm struggling to have complete faith in God, struggling to spend time with Him, struggling to seek out His will for me, struggling to live completely for Him and set aside my own human desires, struggling to live like Jesus. Life is a struggle. I love life...I love the challenges, though sometimes it gets discouraging. I hate that I fall so easily and bend to pressures and temptation, even over little things that don't seem to make much difference in life. I guess that's the challenge of it all.

Things have been good. I went to training in Minnesota for two weeks and I really enjoyed it. Most people were anxious to go back home, but I was actually enjoying it (I guess that's part of having a pretty boring life :P). I met a few great people, some of which I'm sure I'll continue to keep in touch with. I'm excited to go back in a few months for a longer, more extensive training course. I'm not sure when that'll happen, but hopefully within the next 6 months.

I'm looking at an apartment tomorrow, which I'm thrilled about! I hope it's a decent place. It'll be available at the end of December. Yay :D I'm anxious to get my own space!

Not a whole lot more happening right now. It's Halloween today...there have only been two kids who have come for candy so far and it sounds like it's raining out now, so there probably won't be any more. :P

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well, I'm I figured I'd sit down write for a bit. Not that I have anything much to say. Work has been a drag for the past two days, and I'm sure tomorrow won't be any better. Joey took off to Kitchener for three days of training and left me by myself in the branch. I've been working on quote after quote for customers and I'm tired of it. :P At least it's kept me busy and I'm not sitting there doing nothing all day.

I didn't do too much today. I ran out to the bank and to grab a couple of things in town. I love driving my little bumblebee, cranking my music, and singing for all I'm worth. :P I'm sure if anyone could hear me they'd think I was nuts. :) Maybe I am....

My poor little car has a few problems...I ran up a curb with it a couple of weeks ago and it has this odd clunk in the front tire. You only hear it every so often, but I don't like it. And my reverse lights still don't work! My dad played with them for a while and got them working, but they stopped within a couple of days. I'm not really looking forward to fixing that problem. She seems to be running good though, which I'm quite thankful for! I've been travelling around so much I think half of my paycheques go into the fuel tank. I need to get myself a place here, so I can start staying around on weekends.

I need to find a church here too, or a church group. I've been meaning to look into it, but by the time I get home and eat I don't feel like calling around, especially after spending half the day on the phone at work. I can't imagine any of the churches even have anyone working in the evenings...I'm not really sure how I'm going to get information. I guess I'd better look into more procrastinating!!

Oh! Dave Lisson came to visit me this past weekend. We had a bunch of fun! My dad ended up going out and coming home with Nintendo Wii! SWEET DEAL! It was a lot of fun! I once again made it quite clear that I'm not a very good video games player, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Dave also brought me a birthday present (my birthday is next Tues. the 9th). He got me a Lite-Brite! In an earlier post that I wrote, titled "Five interesting or unknown facts about me...", my number one was this:

1) I used to refer to my ribs as ribbins....not quite sure why. My mom had told me the story of Adam and Eve and how God used one of Adam's ribs to make Eve, so a few days later I went running up to my mom saying 'I got a lite-brite ahind my ribbins!' Took her a bit to figure out I'd swallowed a lite-bright peg, and it was behind my ribs.

So that's the story behind the Lite-Brite, which I'm having a grand time with! :P Thanks Dave! I haven't swallowed any yet. :)

This weekend is Thanksgiving, so I'll be heading home again. It should be a good weekend, and the weather is supposed to be nice, which is a bonus.

Well I've blabbed on for long enough...almost time to get ready for bed!