Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monthly blog? :P

I've really been enjoying my job. The people I work with are great and we have a lot of fun. Just this week we got a new manager, which was a little scary even though we had heard great things about him, but it's all working out well. I found out last week that I'll be able to move up in the company within the next few months if I'm willing because there are a bunch of new branches opening in nearby areas. It would be a pretty exciting endeavor but I have a ton of traning to get done first. There are so many things to learn about the products we sell. The new manager is focusing on getting us all trained pretty quickly so that we can get the sales up in our branch. If I get hired as a full time employee I'll get salary and benefits, and maybe eventually commission if I do outside sales to the companies around us.

It's weird to think about...I've never really had a plan for what I wanted to do. If you'd asked me I wouldn't have told you that I wanted to be a manager for a company that sells fasteners. :p The more I think about it though, the more it appeals to me. I like learning about all of our products and I like that there's a huge opportunity to move up in the company. I'm not sure what God's will is for me in the future, but right now I'm enjoying this. It feels good to be able to apply myself to something. It's not quite enough hours a week, but that gives me a little more time to focus on training.

Christmas was pretty busy here. My grandpa wasn't dooing well at all, so we didn't plan much over the holidays because we thought we might be having a funeral. Amazingly enough he seems to be doing better lately, though not well yet. He doesn't want to live, he has just wanted to die, but God's kept him here. He's feeling very weak and sick. When he was in Sunnybrook a couple of months ago he picked up a superbug as they call it and it attacked him hard. He has congestive heart failure because of it, and because of all the antibiotics he got Thrush, which is like a yeast infection. It was in his mouth and throat so he couldn't eat or swallow very well and it hurt him a lot. That's been clearing up and he's actually making an effort to eat and regain strength now. I'm not sure why he's had the change of heart, but we're all praying that God will heal him of this, if it be His will.

Hmmm...not much else is new and exciting...we started Awana again yesterday and it was our big bang opening. A gentleman from my church does Gospel Magic. So we had him come out and do a show for the kids. They really enjoyed it. And we had two new girls come out which was exciting. It's only a small club right now, but we're praying that more people will hear about it and bring their children out.

I think that's it for now...prayers for my grandpa would be greatly appreciated. Only God knows the outcome of that situation. :) I hope you're all enjoying this winter weather. :P We finally got some snow today...took long enough to get here.

~Love and prayers~