Monday, April 03, 2006

Quick update

So this is just going to be a quick update. There are only three weeks of school left. :S I'm praying I'll survive them. We just got back from our Northern PAG trip. We went all the way up to Timmins and just got back today. It was a long weekend, but definitely enjoyable. I got to see Nancy again which was really exciting. I haven't seen her since grad last year. She's engaged and getting married in September. She'll be moving to the States and probably won't come back to Canada for a couple of years, so that's sad, but I'm really excited for her and it was awesome to see her again.
Tomorrow morning, which is really today, the second years are heading out for Practicum. I'm quite excited about it. I'm sure it'll be one of the highlights of the year. I'll try and post some pictures when I get back.
I haven't heard back about that job yet. It would be nice to hear something by the end of this week, but for now I'm just trying to leave it in God's hands. He knows where He wants me this summer, I've just got to wait and see.
Things for the Nicaragua trip in the fall are getting interesting. We just met this week and got more info about it. I'm getting excited about it. I hope it all works out, but once again, only God knows what will happen and I'm trusting Him to lead me in the right direction over the summer and fall.
I guess I didn't have anything very interesting to say, but things are super busy here with the end of school coming. It'll be nice to be done and get into a routine at home. I'm off to bed now. God bless and good night. :)