Friday, May 27, 2005

In beautiful, rainy Halifax

I guess a fair bit has happened since I last posted. I worked at my grandparents for about 2 weeks. Like I said before, my grandpa taught me to drive the tractor and I got to use it to do a bunch of work. :D That was pretty exciting. I had some really good chats with him about almost everything. After coming away from talking with him I realize that I really don't have as much knowledge as I'd like to believe that I have. It takes years to gain knowledge like that, not just a year at Bible College. I got a bunch of fairly interesting history lessons about the area I'm from and great grandparents and other family who lived there. One thing that I didn't realize was that where I was born was named after a dog....John Graves Simcoe's wife's dog. Actually she had three: Tiny, Tay, and Flos. They all had townships named after sad is that??

Ok...after I finished at my grandparents, I went home and did some paper work for my dad. May 24 weekend came pretty quickly and we had a huge family bash at my great uncle's. There was a ton of family there...most of whom I hadn't seen in a year. We spent over $200 on was a pretty good show! That was a super busy weekend. I then spent Monday cleaning and packing, then I went and watched a movie at Jamie's house.

On Tuesday I flew out to Halifax, which is where I am now! It was my first time flying and it was so much fun! Taking off was really cool and I did like flying above the puffy white clouds. Either way, my plane didn't crash and I'm here at Lucas' house enjoying the rain. :) It's been fun! We've mostly stayed in the house because it's wet outside, but we had some Lego fun! We built a dragon castle, a pirate island, and a big ship. We tried building a police station but too many pieces were missing so we gave up. We went to Frenchy's the other day and hopefully we'll get to go again before it's time for me to fly back. Today we're heading out to Malagash Bible Camp to help with the kids club. I'm pretty excited. Luke says it's way better than Graphite....we'll have to see about that. :P I'm not sure what we're doing next week...time will tell. Anyhow...that's about the extent of my journey's thus far. I'm still struggling with my devo's and prayer time. I'm having a hard time keeping on top of it all. It's my own fault, but it's something I'm really trying to work on now and throughout the summer.

I'm going to run for now. I hope you all are doing well! I miss you and I hope to see you soon. Maybe at Milliscus... :) I love you all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Raspberry time

Things have been really busy since I've been home. I've only been home for about 4 days since school ended. I'll be back home again for the weekend and I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing next week. Right now I'm at my grandparents doing some work. Cutting out dead raspberry canes from the million rows....well, not million, but there are a lot. lol It's a long, slow job, but it's pretty enjoyable. I may end up coming back here next week to help again. We'll probably end up planting some new canes tomorrow. That's a fun job! And my grandpa taught me how to drive the ol' tractor!! lol That was REALLY fun!

I told Joey (my cousin) that we can't have a fire until he gets his room cleaned up, so I should be helping him with that right now. It's a huge mess. :S I'm not sure what else is new really. I got back from school to find out Mel has mono. That's always great. :S

Oh, I'm definitely going to Graphite this summer and to KLBC next year unless financial things change. I found out that I'm not getting as much money for school next year as Boyd and I had hoped, but I talked to my dad and he's willing to cover what I'm not able to get! Praise God! My family is great! God is amazing! I'll be heading out to camp the beginning of June. It will be a pretty full summer.

I really miss being at KLBC, and I miss all of you a lot! I hope that things are going well with you and that God is doing some amazing things in your lives! I try to remember to pray for you all! I'll hopefully post again soon, but I've gotta run for now. God bless. :)

Love and prayers!

Philippians 4:19 - And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Now Just Memories

Wow...I don't know how time flew by so quickly. Or maybe it didn't, but it's still so hard to believe that 8 months of school is over now, even though so much has happened. Good-byes weren't easy, and it's hard to believe that I won't be seeing everyone again in a couple of weeks. It's interesting to look back to the beginning of the year and remember what we thought of each other and how we got along and then compare it to now. Our friendships are so much deeper now, and everyone has grown so much over the time we spent together. It's such an incredible experience to be able to spend a year with a group of Christians and build up friendships. They're always there for you and concerned about how you're doing and what's going on in your life. If you ever need to talk they are so willing to listen to you and pray for you. Just knowing that there is a whole group of them praying for you is such a huge comfort. God used every one of them to help me grow this year. The encouragement I received this year helped me in so many ways. I love all of you and I'm so glad that God brought you into my life. I can't put into words the impact that you have had on my life. I hope that this year will go well for you and that I'll be able to see all of you again. Maybe next year... ;) This year is done now. There are just memories left; memories and great friendships!

I'm glad to be done assignments now, but I've got some big decisions to make over the next few weeks. I have been given the opportunity to be able to work at camp this summer and then go back to KLBC for second year. I'm not really sure what God wants me to do, though I'm leaning more towards Graphite and KLBC now. If I don't go then I'll have to find a job somewhere and I'll just end up working for the year. Our youth group isn't doing as well as we would like, so if I stay home next fall I'll end up taking that over and hopefully turning it into more of an outreach to the community. I know that I can be used at camp, and I'd absolutely love to go, so I just need to keep praying and hopefully I'll be able to make my decision soon.

There are boxes and bags of stuff everywhere!! My room is a huge mess. I brought all of my stuff back from school, and I don't know where I'm going to put it all. I have to totally re-sort my room and I think I'm going to have to pack a bunch of stuff in boxes that I won't need for a little while. I should have done most of that today, but I had a lazy day. I think I'll stay home tomorrow and get my room all cleaned up. On Wednesday I'm heading out to my grandparents raspberry farm to do some work. I think I may spend a couple of weeks there and I'll be able to help my aunt and my grandma with stuff around their houses too. It should be pretty fun, but I won't be home very much. Busy, busy, busy...I guess it's better than having nothing to do!

Ok...I haven't done much, so I should go and clean some more. I miss all of you and I wish the best for you this year. God used you this year at KLBC and if you continue to serve Him, He'll use you in might ways!
Love and prayers for you all.