Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I guess it's been awhile since I last updated, and a lot has happened. I have a new job at a company called Fastenal. We sell fasteners and safety equipment and such. I also work part time at Country Style just down the road. I usually only put in a couple of short shifts a week.

My grandpa hasn't been doing very well over the past month. They found out he has a staph infection which is located in his aorta. It's caused him to be pretty sick for quite some time. The sad thing is that he was sick for five weeks before they figured out what it was. He's been in Sunnybrook for a little while and they're pumping him with antibiotics. Apparently he's having some kidney problems too which could be from these other problems, or it could be because his body is starting to shut down. No one really knows that the outcome of this situation will be. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

I was able to spend the last couple of weekends away. Two weekends ago Luke and I headed to the Waterloo area to visit some friends there. We got to see Crystal, Nicole, Deanna, and Gordie. This past weekend I went to Belleville which was a good time, but a sad time too. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Luke, Jay, Karen, Victoria, Sean, and Ruth, but it was sad because it was Luke's last weekend in Ontario.

That's basically my life right now. Nothing exciting. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet...I'll have to get on that soon. :P