Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Busy Summer

It's hard to believe that spring has come and gone, and summer is already here and passing quickly! I'm still alive and well in Owen Sound. I don't feel like I live here yet, but I guess I do. I work during the week, don't do much in the evenings, then leave for the weekends. The majority of my weekends have been spent back home in Barrie, though I've managed to make a few trips elsewhere, such as St. Clements, Cambridge, & Peterborough. I was living with an older lady downtown Owen Sound, but I moved about two weeks ago in with some family friends who live in the area and just built a new house...with a pool! :D I like this town. It's quite small and has a country feel to it, and the people are really great.
I would really like to get my own place sometime soon, but I'll have to be a bit more patient. Crystal and I are going on a road trip to the east coast in 12 days, for two weeks! It will be a blast and I'm really excited about it! It'll be a lot of money too, but once I'm back it'll be time to save up for my own place.
I've been wondering what God's plan is for me. How long does He want me here for? Sometimes I really enjoy it here, and other times it's tough because I don't really know anyone, and don't have much of a social life. It's like I'm only here to work. I'm hoping to feel more settled by the fall, or at least have an idea of what God wants for me and to feel confident that I'm doing His will.
I must go for now, but I will be sure to write more soon. God bless!