Thursday, February 26, 2009

the decisions never end

Well the newest news is that I'm moving back to Barrie. At least I'm supposed to be! I took a position at the Fastenal store in Barrie, but it is only part-time for a while. There's a company wide hiring freeze and they're cutting a lot of employees, so I'm hoping that in spite of that I'll be able to help the Barrie store do well enough that I can move back to full time again. My parents have graciously let me move back home. Unfortunately I have to wait for a few weeks to move my stuff back home because randomly enough my brother and youngest sister both moved back home recently, and we have to finish renovations so I have a room to live in. My poor parents have a full house again.

Now things here in Owen Sound have been busy because I'm trying to get my store and customers as organized as possible so my transfer will be smooth for my manager, but's sooooo much work! I found out today that due to hiring freezes and other such nuisances, my manager is not able to hire anyone to replace me, which means he will be the only full time employee and will only have a part-timer to work with him for 18hrs a week. Now that is hugely frustrating, and I'm suddenly wondering if perhaps moving to Barrie is a silly idea. You cannot grow a store if you can't service your customers properly. Now I know that I can't live my whole life for work, but if it helps my manager and my district manager and if we can get this store to a point where it's showing a lot of growth, then maybe it would be worth staying. Bah, I don't know...Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day of work here, and now I'm thinking about staying, if it's worthwhile. I'm praying I'll make the right decision....decisions aren't my forte, that's for sure. I'm stressed, and tired, and just wish I knew what the right thing to do is! Today has been a ridiculous day. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better, and I should know what is going to happen by the end of the day tomorrow.

Well, that's my news for now. I just need to rant a little, and I think I've said all I have to say for now. I guess it's pretty close to bedtime and I should probably go and read for a while before bed. My next post should be a little more positive than this one. God is great and all-knowing and He definitely has a plan for me. I'm just praying that it will become clear to me what that plan is. Jer. 29:11. Praise the Lord that we have Him to direct our paths and that He cares about our lives here on earth and every struggle that we face!